*Competitors coming from EU Member Countries present the Official Invitation  (Here)  together with your European Firearms Pass at the entry to the Greek Border.


*Competitors coming from Countries outside EU, please download and fill in the declaration form (Here) & email it to at least 30 days prior  your Arrival / Entry at the Greek border .

The deposit of € 140 can be credited to the account:



IBAN: GR2502603240000080101287700


as a statement of reasons, please give your full name.

Payment must be made following the instructions of  e-Banking website  and it must include the Entry fee sum plus all the bank transfer fees (transfer expenses/fees payment: YOURS). Please make sure that you have your full Name registered in the “Comments” field. *Bring a copy of the transaction at the range.


In case the shooter will not cover the bank transfer expenses/fees, the amount will be collected at the time of on-range registration.


The registration fee is not refundable; however, it can be transferred to another competitor (after prior notice)!



In order to have an athlete of foreign nationality enrolled as a member to our Club, it is required:


  1. The athlete to have completed his 18th year of age. In case of children (over 12 years of age) a written agreement of all the persons having its custody is required.
  2. To have a medical written statement that he is physically and psychologically healthy, and capable of using firearms.
  3. 4 Photographs of him on color.
  4. A written statement in which he states and confirms that he is not already a member of any other shooting club, in Greece or abroad.
  5. To complete an application form to our Club and to SKOE
  6. A Photocopy of his Passport or his permit for staying in Greece.


The enrolled athletes of foreign nationality, while in Greece, can use the club’s firearms and can also buy ammunition from our club, so that they can practice and participate in shooting matches. (For the completion of the enrollment process, a time of approximately 20 days is required).


If the foreign nationality athletes are already bearers of European Firearms ID, then they are free to carry their firearms to our country (and use our club’s shooting range for practice and shooting matches). In order for this to be arranged, they must first informed our club about their participation in the IPSC shooting matches, so that the firearms transportation is legally conducted.